Millions of children have used our research-validated programs at no cost to their families.

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25% Gain

In Literacy Skills
At home over 13 weeks

36% Gain

In Math Skills
In class over 10 weeks

4 Weeks

Extra academic instruction
Preventing Summer Slide

We are committed to the educational efficacy of each of our programs. A dozen research studies, including several large-scale, randomized controlled trials, show that these programs accelerate learning with as little as 30 minutes of usage per week.


Meeting Children Where They Are

Bring Learning to All builds upon the work of Age of Learning’s Education Access Initiatives which have helped educate more than 6 million children and counting at no cost to families.



More than 1 MILLION students access ABCmouse CLASSROOMS in their classroom each year.



ABCmouse is available in public libraries serving more than 60% of the U.S. population, and children have completed almost 4 MILLION learning sessions.


Community Centers

Children are using ABCmouse in community centers, public housing authorities, afterschool programs and children’s hospitals around the world.

Case Studies

We measure our success by the number of children served and the impact our programs have on their lives. Here are some of our latest deployments.

Here are some of our latest deployments.

Developing Early Literacy and Math Skills in Northern California


Increase academic growth among at-risk children with a focus on early language, literacy, and math skills.


  • ABCmouse available in San Francisco Bay Area and surrounding area public libraries
  • Home checkout includes devices for families to extend learning to home
  • Support with community outreach, family trainings, and technology kits
  • 20% growth in key school readiness skills after one month


In partnership with more than 100 public libraries across all San Francisco Bay Area counties and the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, this project provides ABCmouse and the ABCmouse Assessment Center at no cost for families to access within the library and to check out for use at home. Technology kits that include an iPad, mobile WiFi hotspot, and backpack are available for checkout. Academic growth is measured by digital assessments children complete within the ABCmouse Assessment Center. A phased implementation began in late 2017, scaled up in 2018, and continues to show significant impact in 2019.

Improving Digital Literacy and English Language Skills in Costa Rica


Help children in the rural Guanacaste region of Costa Rica effectively build English language and digital literacy skills.


  • Provides access to ABCmouse, Mastering Math, and ReadingIQ for kindergarten and 1st grade students in schools across the region.
  • Includes extensive family engagement, teacher training, and community outreach resources.
  • Partnership with the Ministry of Education to launch a large-scale efficacy study in the 2019-2020 school year.


In partnership with Creciendo Juntos and the Costa Rican Ministry of Education, this project provides ABCmouse, Mastering Math, and ReadingIQ to serve students in the rural Guanacaste Province in Costa Rica. Expert-provided teacher training, community engagement support, and family outreach helps ensure broad adoption and robust usage of the available educational programs. The initiative launched at the beginning of Costa Rica’s 2018 school year and expanded for the 2019 school year with additional teacher and community support services, as well as tablets for in-school use.

Building E-Learning Community Hubs in Papua New Guinea


Develop e-Learning hubs in schools across the western province of Papua New Guinea to improve literacy and numeracy skills among 3rd through 6th grade students and their families.


  • Serves thousands of children and families in Western Province, Papua New Guinea.
  • Includes custom, localized educational content.
  • Provides training and implementation support for hundreds of teachers along with thousands of tablets for the community.


In partnership with Inclusiv, Digicel, and Save the Children Australia, the latest Bring Learning to All deployment launched in April 2019 in Papua New Guinea to provide thousands of children and families with access to ReadingIQ, ABCmouse, and Mastering Math. The initial roll out includes 15,000 tablets with online and offline learning opportunities and extensive community outreach services to help engage thousands of parents.

Increasing Kindergarten and 3rd Grade Readiness in Detroit, MI


Better prepare children for kindergarten and 3rd grade with high-quality educational programs for low-income families in the Detroit area.


  • Provide access to ABCmouse, Mastering Math, and ReadingIQ in Detroit-area libraries, community centers, and laundromats.
  • Includes a take-home tablet program for families to extend learning to the home.
  • Includes community outreach and family engagement resources.


In Detroit, 80% of children aren’t reading at grade level by 3rd grade and 60% of children are living in poverty. To help address this crisis, the General Motors Foundation and the United Way have launched a Bring Learning to All deployment in Detroit. This project makes ABCmouse, Mastering Math, and ReadingIQ available through public libraries, community centers, and laundromats throughout Detroit. Age of Learning supplements the implementation with tablets for families to take home and extensive community outreach. Launched in late 2018, the program is quickly scaling and on track to drive significant impact in 2019 and beyond.